staff-Caleb-WetmoreCaleb Wetmore

Caleb joined Collective Copies in 2002. Since then he has consistently been the tallest and most Canadian of the group. Caleb has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UMass Amherst, and has incorporated his art background into the digital tools of graphic design. At various points over the years Caleb has spent his spare time playing basketball and tennis, snowboarding, performing with alternative rock bands, and enjoying the challenges of home-ownership.

staff-Stephen-RoyStephen Roy

Stephen is one of the founding members of Collective Copies.  He has an Associates Degree in Computer science, a B.A. in Political Science, and a Master’s Degree in Forestry.  In addition to customer service, he has been repairing Xerox copiers and small machines for Collective Copies for over 30 years.

Stephen was an avid hiker and backpacker for many years, and has carried 40 and 50 pound backpacks through Maine, Vermont, New Mexico, and Colorado.  He still enjoys the out of doors, but in a concession to age has hung up his backpack and cross country skis.  He still spends summer vacations with his sisters and family on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.   Hobbies include walking, reading, chess, computer games, and home ownership.

staff-Tom-PelissierTom Pelissier

I’ve been with Collective Copies since 1997, where I work primarily as a bookbinder for Levellers Press. Prior to 1997, I was a carpenter at Hampshire College, and before that a union carpenter. I’m native to this valley, raised in Westhampton and graduated from Williamsburg High School in 1969. I’ve studied Aquaculture and Anthropology at Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka Alaska, Anthropology at UMass Amherst, and Architecture at Hampshire College. I’m a grandfather of 6 and currently live in Three Rivers with my wonderful wife Maureen and our two dogs.

staff-Ann-St-JeanAnn St. Jean

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

If we are fortunate in our lifetime to have an opportunity to start new then we are not just lucky but blessed. That is how I felt 16 years ago when I walked into Collective Copies. And this is how I will always feel about my family of co-workers.

When I am not working I enjoy the outdoors. You will find me kayaking, fishing, gardening, hiking, and also at music concerts, especially The Green River Fest. Fenway Park and Red Sox take up a lot of my time. You may notice no mention of winter activities. You can guess why.

The biggest and all-time light in my life is my daughter Julia.

staff-Adam-TrottAdam Trott

Adam has been a worker/member of Collective Copies since 2004 and first learned about co-ops from Julie Graham as a student at UMass, Amherst in the late 90s. Adam has been a member of food co-ops and credit unions since the 1980s. Adam is Staff for the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives, a co-op of worker co-ops that support, develop and educate about and for worker co-operatives. He serves on the board of the Co-operative Capital Fund, the Valley Co-operative Business Association, the Co-operative Enterprise Collaborative and the United Electrical Workers for Co-operation.

staff-Faith-SeddonFaith Seddon

Typesetting maestra; bookkeeper extraordinaire; logistics savant; copy jockey guru; gap-filler; punctuality challenged; cat servant; dog lover; Whedonist.

Also humble and verbose.

staff-Nancy-HaverNancy Haver

Time flies; I’ve spent over 25 years with Collective Copies. I’ve learned that 11 heads are infinitely better than one. I appreciate the humanity of the co-op movement, and the many ways in which my co-workers are generous. No doubt I’d be a Luddite (I’m prone to engraving wood and copper) if it weren’t for the demands here to keep up with Photoshop and other new Adobe products. A few of my favorite things: paper, ink, books, and being in motion

staff-Steve-StrimerSteve Strimer

Steve co-founded the worker co-operative Aldebaran Press in 1977 in Haydenville, MA. In 1982 the small printing company moved to Hadley and changed its name to Common Wealth Printing which, with Omega Press in Philadelphia, Salsedo Press in Chicago, and Red Sun Press in Boston founded the Progressive Printers Network in 1988. Steve spent twenty years in offset printing before moving to the world of xerography at Collective Copies. He worked on the committee which established Collective’s Florence branch in 2000. He spearheaded the publishing wing Levellers Press in 2009. His time is increasingly spent studying the nineteenth-century worker co-operative, the Northampton Association of Education and Industry, a radical commune of abolitionists and social reformers that founded the village of Florence. He is chair of The David Ruggles Center.

staff-Matt-GrilloMatt Grillo

Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Matt migrated to the Pioneer Valley in the 1990s where he got his B.A. in History at UMass Amherst. Today, he calls the Pioneer Valley home. He’s been helping customers at Collective Copies for over 15 years. When he’s out of the office, Matt enjoys hiking New England and spending time with his family. Matt is a music nut and a book-lover and he enjoys being an active member of the community.

staff-Randy-ZuccoRandy Zucco

Randy man has been making the copies since 1998. He’s a dad, a partner, a digital media specialist, a shop jack of all trades, a networker, a runner, a promoter of worker coops, and an all-around nice guy.

“I got it under control.” When I hear those words from Faith, or any of the staff at Collective Copies, I know that they truly DO have the project under control and that the end product will look great. R. Keith McCormick, DC, Read more testimonials

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